Change your lighting, change your mood


Psychologists and designers alike have long understood the importance of color, and its potential to affect our sense of wellbeing. Psychologists recognize the significance of, and use, color in a variety of ways in therapeutic situations. These range from choosing the design of the therapy environment, to utilizing it in visualization exercises and recommendations for self-comforting strategies. In interior design clever use of color involves selecting color palettes to suit the personality of the client and the dominant feel they wish to have for each part of their living space.

However, no-one wants their living, or working, environment to have the same feel at all times. There may be occasions when you’re feeling down and need to perk yourself up. Or maybe you’re having a party and wish to increase the energy of a usually calm and tranquil setting. Obviously, it’s not practical to change your décor every time you want to change the mood in your environment. That’s where lighting comes in. Research into lighting on mood is still an emerging and growing field, but so far there have been some very compelling results. Interestingly, some studies conducted with blind participants have still shown statistically significant results, indicating the effect works at a neural rather than visual level.

Low mood and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many of us are prone to attacks of low mood. In the winter months, for some people, the problem can worsen into Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This form of depression can ruin a significant portion of the year for those affected, leading to low energy, low mood and generalized apathy. A major cause of this is thought to be the lack of natural light during the shorter days of the winter months. Vitamin D supplements are recommended (taken with calcium to increase absorption), but one of the biggest factors in relieving SAD symptoms has been shown to be replacing the lost light. There are specialist SAD lights available, and for acute symptoms these are recommended, but it has also been found to be beneficial to replace lightbulbs with daylight mimicking bulbs wherever possible.

Blue toned lights have been shown as the best color to increase alertness, and even have a calming effect, when used early in the day. But, be warned, they are not recommended in the letter half of the day if sleep disturbance is an issue. This includes the light from electrical devices such as televisions computers and smartphones, so limit their use before bed if sleeping is an issue. Dominant theories at this time suggest turning off all electrical devices for two hours before attempting to sleep.

Chill out, relax and set the mood

Red lights, despite the historically odd connotations have a variety of benefits. In a social environment, red toned lighting is said to stimulate conversation and interaction, so it’s ideal for theming parties and gatherings around. However, and somewhat counterintuitively, red lighting has also been shown to reduce disruption to sleep patterns so it’s also ideal for nightlights or if you are prone to waking in the middle of the night.

To create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, or to diffuse an emotionally charged situation, green is the color of choice. Reflecting the hues of nature, green toned lighting is capable of creating a deep sense of tranquility and wellbeing. For stimulating intellectual creativity and focus, consider using a purple toned light. The combination of the effects of blue light and red light wavelengths is perfect for provoking creative thought, alertness and concentration.

As you can see, different lighting options can be used in multiple ways. It’s important to experiment with tone and brightness as well as just color. Clever use of lampshades, dimmers and filters can drastically alter the effects. Research has shown there an optimal brightness level to reap the benefits of the colored light. Too little and even the best color choices may have an energy sapping effect, too bright and people may become agitated and lack focus.

For safety reasons it is important never to cover an electric light in order to change its color, as this may create a fire hazard. Always equipment approved for use with electric light. With so many options out there, the choice can be confusing and research is needed. Visit to start your search for reviews of some of the best lighting options.

How To Maximize Your Indoor LED Grow Lights


As lighting technology continues to thrive and advance, growers are starting to replace HID lighting fixtures with LED grow lights. Naturally, LED grow lighting fixtures – such as the ones you might find at LumiGrowth – are going to be a little more expensive than the archaic light fixtures you were using in the past. The question is – how do you maximize your new LED grow lights to make them a worthwhile investment?

Pay Attention To Water Consumption

One of the most common mistakes a cultivator is going to make after switching to LED light fixtures is over watering whatever plant they are cultivating. HID lighting fixtures generate a lot of heat. They also contain a very high level of Infrared light (IR) which causes the soil and the plants to dry out faster than normal. LED grow lights do not generate as much heat and do not have an IR light. This means the plans you are cultivating – and the soil – will not dry out as quickly and will not need as much water.

Make Sure Your Plants Are Warm Enough

As stated previous, some of the more archaic lighting fixtures in the growing industry are known for generating heat. It is not uncommon for cultivators to rely on the heat from the lighting fixture to keep the grow environment warm. With an LED grow light, you can expect a drop in temperature. You are going to need to bump the heat up a bit in order to make sure your plants are not getting too cold. While you will have to pay a little more on your heat bill than you did previously, LED grow lights are so much more energy efficient than their archaic alternatives that you will save money in the long run.

Set a Clear Light Cycle

When growing plants indoors, you have to set a clear light cycle for whatever it is you are growing. The idea is to recreate what the plant would experience if it were growing outdoor. Some growers will attempt to manipulate their own unique light cycle in order to get plants to grow faster than they would if they were growing outside. One of the more popular light cycles used for indoor growing includes 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of dark. If you are growing flowering crops, a 12 by 12 light cycle will work just fine. However, vegetative crops including herbs and salads need more light than darkness each day.

Consider The Mounting Height

In today’s culture, people like to open up new items, plug them in, and turn them on as fast as they can. You want to put a little time and consideration into setting up your new LED grow lights before you just plug them in and turn them on. If you mount them too far from your plants the amount of space the light covers will be greater, but the light the plants receive will be weaker. If you mount them too close to the plants the light will be too strong and some of the plants won’t get any light. Fortunately, most LED grow lights come with a manual that contains recommendations on how you should install the fixtures and at what distance they should be mounted from the plants. This is one of those times where you are going to want to read the manual.

LED grow light fixtures is the next step in the indoor growing industry. They are energy efficient and provide a lot of benefits to your plans that the archaic options will not offer you. With these tips, you can maximize just how much new LED grow lights can offer you.

Weekend Getaway Ideas – How to Enjoy a fun and Relaxing day off


Does your office job stress you out so much? Have you not been getting enough sleep due to working a lot of overtime hours? Do you feel so burnt out? If you are in this type of situation, you should plan a weekend getaway that can take your mind off of your hectic lifestyle and energize you.

The weekends are a great time to get away from the stress and pressure of your job. They should be spent doing activities that you are interested in to make them exciting and entertaining, and leave you refreshed and recharged.
Here are some suggestions.

Go to the beach.

If you love the water and the sun, go spend your weekend at a beach resort. The scenery of the sparkling blue waters, tall and green palm trees, and fine white sand should help you relax and unwind after working so hard for so long. Pack your swimsuit and enjoy a dip. Go snorkeling or diving to see some amazing marine life. Try jet skiing, surfing, and other water sports. Afterwards, you can hang out on a lounge chair and sunbathe, reading your favorite book, or listening to music with wireless headphones you saw on

Explore your city like a tourist.

For some reason, a lot of people do not really spend their time sightseeing in their own cities. You are probably one of them, if you have been so busy with your home and work lives for as long as you can remember. Therefore, plan a weekend when you can just go from one tourist attraction to another. Go online and find museums, parks, historical monuments, and other typical sightseeing spots found in your locale. Make an itinerary, as if you are visiting a place you have never been to before.

Go on a nature adventure.

Nature has a calming effect. The sight of thick, thriving forests, the sounds of birds chirping, and the feel of cool, fresh air on the skin can help get rid of that heavy, negative feeling you have been carrying around. Find a nature park that has hiking trails so that you can spend hours just walking through the woods and discovering flora and fauna that you never knew existed. Take photos of the gorgeous views. If you want, you can go camping too. Spending at least a night in a tent out in the woods, with full view of the stars and the skies, can clear your mind and get you in a better mood.

Get a massage.

After a week of sitting for many hours in front of the computer or going through piles and piles of documents, your neck, back, and shoulders are probably crying for help. Look for a spa center or massage place in your town and schedule a weekend appointment to pamper your tensed muscles.

Sewing Machines And Their Stitching Designs!!

Sewing machines were introduced to mankind in the early 1800s and were used to increase perfection and decrease the time taken for stitching fabrics. It was a brilliant piece of invention as it made the stitching job very easy and comfortable. This gift to mankind has been cherished and regarded as one of the first boom in the fashion industry as since its invention, more and more clothes could be produced in less number of time.

Sewing machines come in different designs and the main agenda is how the stitching is going to take place and the types of needles, which are there to help you, stitch. Stitches include:-

  • Chain stitch– these were earlier used and have major drawbacks as the direction of the sewing cannot be changed from one end to other. Anyhow, this type of stitching got obsolete when the next type of stitching came into being.
  • Lock stitch– each thread remains at the same side of the material to be sewn and it is widely used in the households and the factories around the globe. As it is not mandatory to start stitching from any edge, lockstitches are very useful and preferred over other stitching patterns.
  • Zigzag stitch- it’s a back and forth stitches where there is no scope of a straight stitch. The movement of the sewing machine is controlled by something called as CAM, which can control the back and forth motion of the machine involved. This can be primarily used to stitch two edges of a singe fabric as required.
  • Over lock stitch- these are used to trim the edges of the fabric immediately in front of the stitch formation. This can be used when 1-4 threads or 1-2 needles are required for the completion of the sewing work.

These types of sewing machines are available at Here you can get each and every type of sewing machines that too in low prices.

Knowing Who You Can Trust with Your Home Security Begins with a Little Research

Close up of a security alarm keypad

With the technology world advancing so rapidly, there are many new companies on the market offering home security systems. It used to be that only a few could offer this before because of all the lines, devices and communication that had to be included, but as more companies are entering the telecommunications world, they are finding that offering their services for home security is quite easy.

The question for you is to know what home security systems, you can rely on to guard the security of your home, especially when you are not there. This means you are going to have to do a little research to make sure that you are choosing a company that fits your needs.

Approval Ratings Matter

It is clear that more people are likely to criticize something than they are to praise it, and so often, you can ignore comments that people make about a product or company because the fact of the matter may be that the service is really good; it is just that 10 or 12 people out of thousands didn’t like it.

This is different for home security. If you find that there are 10 or 12 people that posted that their home was broken into because the device did not work properly, then it is time to think more carefully about the services the home security company offers. Ten people complaining about a bad hamburger is one thing. Ten people complaining about their home being broken into because the system did not activate is a whole different issue.

Check with Local Law Enforcement

One thing that no one seems to do is to see, what your local law enforcement thinks is a good system. If anyone would know how effective the security system is, it would be them. They would have accurate records of how many false signals they received, how many times they have been informed as a home was first being broken into and how often a system may have failed.

In addition, check with local fire and ambulance agencies as well. Often these security systems come with fire alarms as well, and so you want to see how often one of these systems instantly alerted the fire department that their services were needed immediately. They will also have accurate records.

Talk to ambulance services. You will find that most of the control panels have an ambulance call button on them that is activated by simply pressing it. See if they have had greater success in being warned of a need than with other types of company’s systems.

These are just a couple of suggestions for you. You will need to take the time to make sure that your home and family are properly protected.

Tips For Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Photography Package


Nowadays, it is really very much challenging to find out the best and affordable package of wedding photography but if you make a thorough market survey then you will definitely get a greater success in this regard. Package features need to be essentially known and that can be easily known by visiting the official link at

How to get the cheapest package for wedding photography?

If you are really looking for the cheapest or affordable packages of wedding photography, then nothing can be the best option other than following few essential tips. Some of the potential tips that are getting followed by most fellows these days are as follows:-

  • The market rates need to be checked thoroughly in this regard as it is considered as one of the most useful options that can cater beneficial results. These rates are compared thoroughly with each other so that the best rate can be determined that completely suits your respective affordable limit.
  • There are many photo studios that cater promotional discounts from time to time and these discounts are really quite interesting and useful as they can help you to get a considerable reduction of package cost. In this way, unwanted costs can be easily curtailed and on the other hand your budget can be easily maintained.
  • You can also choose limited features in order to have cost reduction and this is one of the most popular means that can minimize the package cost of your wedding photography. This option is quite common these days and thus most of the people are going for the same.
  • You can also approach to any local wedding photographer rather than hiring any experienced and professional expert from any reputed photo studio as this can save your money. You can avail the position of bargaining over the price of the package that suits your budget limit.
  • You need to set up your budget first and then on the basis of that must choose the correct one. You can also express your budget to your wedding photographer so that he can assist you in getting the most reliable package that matches up your budget in a perfect manner.
  • If you are having too very limited budget, then you can ask any of your friends or relatives to click the wedding photos. But in that case you cannot expect quality pictures as professionalism will be missing.
  • If you are working with any specific wedding photographer for a long time, then in that case you can also get a loyalty discount. This kind of discount is only being provided to the existing clients so that their satisfaction levels can be effectively fulfilled.


Why Go For the Best Stainless Steel Toaster

Similar to other users, your wish is to get the best stainless steel toaster in the market. In so doing, you are guaranteed of a product that will make your life in the kitchen much easier. Modern toasters have become highly advanced and feature additional functions making them quite versatile. Due to their small yet compact size you can place them on limited spaces in the home and also in the office. The toasters are made from different types of material. However, people are an encouraged to go for products made from stainless steel due to the following benefits:


The first major benefit of purchasing a toaster made from stainless steel is durability. This material is loved by many people because of its strong nature which is suited for daily use. Chances of the toaster developing dents, cracks, or losing shape are less likely to happen despite regular banging, dropping, bumping, or poor handling. In addition to protecting the exterior surface, stainless steel ensures the internal components still remain intact and will continue to serve the user for many years. For the best guarantee on longevity it is beneficial to go for accessories that are backed by the longest warranty from the manufacturer.

Easy Maintenance

Toasters are always exposed to the elements, dirt, dust, oil, heat, moisture and much more. And in order to lessen the odds of messing the toaster’s appearance as well as functionality it becomes necessary to regularly clean it. Taking care of the best stainless steel toasters is pretty simple as well as straightforward. To clean mild dust, dirt, or greases a wet cloth will do the trick. For a more thorough cleaning what are needed are clean water and some mild soap. This will be done less-often compared to toasters made from other materials since stainless steel is resistant to dust, dirt, corrosion, or rust.


Toasters are used to prepare food items such as toasted bread, sandwich, and more. It is critical to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to avoid infections or diseases such as running stomach or diarrhoea. Stainless steel is classified as among the most hygienic materials and is less likely to be affected by corrosion. Cleaning the toaster is also easy and chances of germs or pathogens remaining after cleaning are quite low. The hygiene and safety can be improved by making sure the appliance is stored in a region that is clean and dry.

The above are some of the key benefits that come with stainless steel toaster. Stainless steel is known to be quite strong and will withstand regular use and won’t suffer from poor performance. The toaster will also be easy to clean and maintain since stainless steel doesn’t get stained or rust easily. You are also guaranteed of the accessory retaining its appearance even after many years of use. Nonetheless, not all products made from stainless steel are the same. Some will come with weak steel which will only last for a short time. Ways of locating the best stainless steel toaster include reading reviews, dealing with reputable firms, and going for top brands.

What Is Bio-Compatible Dentistry? = What Does A Bio-Compatible Dentist Bay Ridge Do?

What is bio-compatible dentistry? Many people these days are unaware of what bio-compatible dentistry is, and they do not realize its significance. Basically, the form of dentistry in which a form of natural healing is practiced by a dentist Bay Ridge is known as bio-compatible dentistry.

Biocompatible dentistry does not merely focus on the dental problems of a patient. Instead, in bio-compatible dentistry, the dental problems of a patient are cured in a way that the overall health and well of the patient also improves as well. The concept of bio-compatible dentistry revolves around holistic medicine and holism.

The adverse impact that toxic materials tend to have on physiological health and dental health has been recognized. Concerns regarding the integrity of oral cavities and the procedures and materials used in dental practices lead to the advent of bio-compatible dentistry.

Most people are not aware that 50% mercury is contained in “silver” amalgam fillings. As much mercury as contained in a thermometer can also be found in a large filling. At room temperature, mercury can easily vaporize, and in this state it has no color, odor and taste. The bloodstream readily absorbs inhaled mercy vapor.

It has been concluded by the World Health Organization that in comparison to other mercury sources, a lot more mercury to an individual’s body is contributed by dental fillings. As most people will be aware, mercury is very poisonous. In comparison to arsenic, cadmium or lead, mercury is far more toxic. Exposure to just about any amount of mercy can prove to be harmful, and this is why bio-compatible dentistry is a better, healthier alternative.

In bio-compatible dentistry, blood and hair samples are collected during the first appointment, and those samples examined for traces of any harmful metals and other materials. A particular diet or form of treatment is then recommended by the bio-compatible dentist to remove those harmful substances from the body.

The fact that a pain-free and relaxing environment is used in bio-compatible dentistry is one of the biggest benefits offered by this form of dentistry. No mercury or any other substances that might cause harm to the natural health of the body are used in bio-compatible.

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), it is always best if mercury fillings are removed as soon as possible. The body continues accumulating mercury vapor that dental fillings emit and over the years or decades they can have adverse effects on the natural health of the body. A bio-compatible dentist Bay Ridge will be perfectly qualified to remove amalgam fillings, and they will follow the protocols mentioned below.

An effective suction system is utilized in the oral cavity so that the mercury vapor and amalgam particles are contained. Maximum efficiency is maintained through the use of a vacuum system. Plentiful amounts of water are applied to the filling when removing the amalgam fillings.

What is Bio-Compatible Dentistry? For all those who are concerned about the adverse effects that amalgam fillings might have on their health, bio-compatible dentistry serves as a viable alternative.

A Guide to Choosing Toronto Chandeliers

Chandeliers do more than just illuminate a room. In addition to adding style, they also become part and parcel of a home’s décor. Toronto homeowners are looking for more than merely the traditional chandeliers for formal dining rooms or foyers: they are placing them throughout their homes. Chandeliers are appearing in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. Given the wide variety of designs, finishes and styles available, there is always an ideal one for suiting any room. Below is a buying guide that will help homeowners choose the perfect Toronto chandeliers. The first tip involves determining the correct diameter.

The homeowner should measure the width and length of the room in feet and then add the two figures together. By changing the figure into inches, the resulting number will provide an excellent approximation of the diameter of the chandelier. It is always better for the chandelier to be slightly bigger than too small. Another tip involves taking measurements for the chandelier. The taller the ceiling of a room is, the taller the chandelier will be. For instance, a foyer chandelier should have a height of about seven feet from the floor, measuring from the chandelier’s bottom. In the case of one suspended above a dining room table in a dining room having an 8-foot ceiling, the distance from the chandelier’s bottom to the tabletop should about 30 inches. The next step involves the homeowner deciding where to hang his or her chandelier.

The chosen location will affect the lighting style of the home. While most homeowners think that chandeliers belong in a foyer or dining room, there are numerous other places that they can be hung. An individual can hang a chandelier with a dimmer switch over his or her bed in a master bedroom and reduce it to candlelight level for a romantic touch. Alternatively, they can mount a mini chandelier over a claw-foot tub in a bathroom for a glamorous touch. Toronto homeowners can consider mounting mini chandeliers over large kitchen islands rather than standard pendant lights to achieve a chic look. Picking a style that matches the room is of great importance. The chandelier is supposed to complement the room’s theme, not detract from it.

For instance, a chandelier located in a little girl’s room could have colorful crystals suspended from it. On the other hand, a chandelier located in a rustic dining room could have faux antlers or twigs. In the case of a shabby chic room, the homeowner can try a chandelier having distressed white or black finish and shades of antique scone. A current trend involves drums shades mixed with crystals. For instance, a black drum chandelier having a collection of dangling glass looks great in a state-of-the-art dining room. It is advisable for homeowners to adjust the height of Toronto chandeliers. This involves removing links in the chain with a pliers and coiling up the additional electrical wire within the ceiling housing. In case the chandelier does not have a chain, one should find out if its cord has a sliding adjustment. Most of those without chains have a sliding mechanism that makes it possible to double up the cord and shorten its length.