A Guide to Choosing Toronto Chandeliers

Chandeliers do more than just illuminate a room. In addition to adding style, they also become part and parcel of a home’s décor. Toronto homeowners are looking for more than merely the traditional chandeliers for formal dining rooms or foyers: they are placing them throughout their homes. Chandeliers are appearing in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. Given the wide variety of designs, finishes and styles available, there is always an ideal one for suiting any room. Below is a buying guide that will help homeowners choose the perfect Toronto chandeliers. The first tip involves determining the correct diameter.

The homeowner should measure the width and length of the room in feet and then add the two figures together. By changing the figure into inches, the resulting number will provide an excellent approximation of the diameter of the chandelier. It is always better for the chandelier to be slightly bigger than too small. Another tip involves taking measurements for the chandelier. The taller the ceiling of a room is, the taller the chandelier will be. For instance, a foyer chandelier should have a height of about seven feet from the floor, measuring from the chandelier’s bottom. In the case of one suspended above a dining room table in a dining room having an 8-foot ceiling, the distance from the chandelier’s bottom to the tabletop should about 30 inches. The next step involves the homeowner deciding where to hang his or her chandelier.

The chosen location will affect the lighting style of the home. While most homeowners think that chandeliers belong in a foyer or dining room, there are numerous other places that they can be hung. An individual can hang a chandelier with a dimmer switch over his or her bed in a master bedroom and reduce it to candlelight level for a romantic touch. Alternatively, they can mount a mini chandelier over a claw-foot tub in a bathroom for a glamorous touch. Toronto homeowners can consider mounting mini chandeliers over large kitchen islands rather than standard pendant lights to achieve a chic look. Picking a style that matches the room is of great importance. The chandelier is supposed to complement the room’s theme, not detract from it.

For instance, a chandelier located in a little girl’s room could have colorful crystals suspended from it. On the other hand, a chandelier located in a rustic dining room could have faux antlers or twigs. In the case of a shabby chic room, the homeowner can try a chandelier having distressed white or black finish and shades of antique scone. A current trend involves drums shades mixed with crystals. For instance, a black drum chandelier having a collection of dangling glass looks great in a state-of-the-art dining room. It is advisable for homeowners to adjust the height of Toronto chandeliers. This involves removing links in the chain with a pliers and coiling up the additional electrical wire within the ceiling housing. In case the chandelier does not have a chain, one should find out if its cord has a sliding adjustment. Most of those without chains have a sliding mechanism that makes it possible to double up the cord and shorten its length.

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