Do you Really Need to Use Hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, you do – using hashtags is one of the best ways to get people to notice your brand. Still, that’s not the only reason you should perfect the art of using hashtags on Instagram. Others include;


You can use hashtags to draw attention to your business. Think of it as a way of increasing customer awareness. See, when a potential customer searches your brand, he or she will see all the relevant hashtags that you are using.  Or, when the person seeks a specific hashtag, he or she will view your branded posts. Of course, this translates to a new follower or potential lead.

And the beauty of it is that you can create your unique hashtag for every produce, event or service that you are promoting. That way, you will encourage your customers to use specific hashtags when buying your product. Remember, creating a special hashtag gives you the opportunity to dominate that particular hashtag with your brand.

Even as you embrace the use of hashtags for Instagram, you should it had in hand with a growth service. That way, you will create a wholesome marketing campaign that can give you real results. Be sure to visit to view some of the best Instagram growth services especially if you were using the now-defunct Instagress.


You have to know who you’re competing against if you’re serious about succeeding in business. You must figure out what they are offering to their customers and how they advertise. That way, you will have an idea of how you can outperform them.

Instagram is an excellent platform if you want to find out who you are competing against and what they’re all about.  All you need to do is to search the business name and include the hashtags that you know they are using.

Why is this essential? Well, learning about your competition enables you to determine how followers respond to your competitor’s posts. In essences, it gives you a clear perspective of what works and what doesn’t.


The main reason hashtags have become increasingly popular on Instagram and other social media platforms is the ability to enable brands to create campaigns that target a specific audience. See, every time you post a promotion, it will entice your followers (and their followers) use the same hashtag.

The ripple effect is that your business will enjoy better visibility and allow you to reach more people. The only catch here is that you should know which hashtags your followers are using already.

The Bottom Line

Instagram hashtags are here to stay. The more you start to use them, the faster you will grow your brand. However, you have to be creative with your hashtags and only use those that will create the impact you need to scale your business.

Hashtags keep changing. What was popular today may be obsolete tomorrow. It is, therefore, critical that you keep tabs with what’s happening to make your brand look credible.

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