Easy Tips to Keep Kids Fit in the Summer

There’s no other season like summer. The sun is out, the temps are warm, and everyone just wants to have fun. However, even with all the excitement in the air, you need to ensure that your kids stay healthy. Here are some tips that will indeed come in handy.

Stick to the 80/20 Diet Rule

During summer, your kids may indulge in unhealthy eating habits, so it is essential that you watch what goes through their mouth. The best way to make sure that the little ones maintain a proper diet is to observe the 80/20 rule. Feed them on healthy meals 80% of the time, preferably organic whole foods. You can allow them to eat snacks and salads 20% of the time – after all, its summertime.

Take your Kids for a Walk

Well, you may not bring your kids to the gym, but be sure to take them for a walk at least once every week. You can alsi create time to play with them as you watch TV. A little dancing will also do the trick too.

Even then, don’t forget that you need to maintain your exercise routine to stay healthy. So, do a jog or some light exercises in the morning. Remember, even with the seemingly unending fun you can always stick to your workout schedule more so if you have a timetable. Plus, you could check here for some inspiration on some easy mini workouts for summer.

Pick a Family Routine and Stick to it

At times, waking up early in the morning or taking the kids for a walk may not be that easy. However, you can choose a daily routine as a family at particular times of the day. For instance, you could decide to bike in the afternoon or go for swimming.

Also, instead of driving to the beach, you can opt to walk (if the beach is within reasonable distance) and so on. The point is, you’re likely to stick to a routine if you do it as a family.

The Bottom Line

You can still have fun during summer with your kids without them adding weight. The only thing to remember is that you should engage in an activity that they love. Alternate the schedule to keep it interesting. Even when on vacation, it is not that difficult to find a routine that will keep everyone happy and healthy!

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