Gift ideas for the gadget lover or geek in your life

Are you looking for the perfect present for the gadget freak in your life? There are certainly plenty of gadgets out there to choose from, so we’ll forgive you for feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some ideas for really handy gadgets. You know, ones that are actually pretty useful apart from all being wonderfully cool. If you want a gift that will keep your gadget lover happy and make their lives better, take a look below at some of these great options. Whether you’re shopping for a big birthday present for someone you love or a small gift just to show you care, we’ve got you covered.

Kitchen gadgets

These make great presents, but make sure you’re getting something that’s actually useful. So many kitchen gadgets aim to solve problems that don’t really exist, so while they look fun, they’ll never get actual use. Good gadgets are those that make an easy job out of something that would otherwise be a fiddly or a messy one. For example, you can get simple gadgets for separating eggs, slicing vegetables or even pairing apples. Of course, handheld blenders, food choppers and other specialist devices also make great presents, depending on what your gadget fan enjoys doing in the kitchen. If your gadget fan is not into cooking, look for stuff that makes easy jobs even easier, such as gadgets that help cook things in the microwave you otherwise couldn’t. Alternatively, if you’re dealing with a budding cook, invest in something that would help them expand their range of dishes or skills.

USB vacuum cleaners

These tiny little vacuum cleaners connect to your PC and laptop and can be used to clean up your desk quickly and efficiently. Some even come with little attachments that let you clean your computer keyboard – great if you tend to eat at your desk and therefore end up with crumbs all over the place! As an added bonus, these come in all kinds of funky shapes and styles, so you can appeal to your gadget lover’s sense of cool, too. They’re great for displaying as a trendy desk accessory when not in use. These are normally quite cheap, too, so handy if you’re looking for a small gift that won’t break the bank.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Speaking of cleaning, these are perfect as a bigger present and definitely come with a “wow” factor. Although they’ve been around for a while, robotic vacuum cleaners are constantly improving and are now considered a viable way of keeping your house clean. Children and teenagers love them, while grown up geeks enjoy both the cool factor and the fact that they clean the house by themselves. A robotic vacuum cleaner will definitely get plenty of use in everyday life, so is a sound investment.

Camping gadgets

Does your gadget fan like the outdoors? Would you like them to? There is a wealth of gadgets designed to make the outdoors more exciting for those who’d rather stay indoors with a video game. Choose from useful things like fancy fire starters and survival kits to cool camping stoves (including solar ones!), solar chargers and lights and even portable manual washing machines. Whatever your budget, you can furnish your gadget-loving buddy with everything they need to enjoy some time outdoors or at a festival while feeling suitable modern and geeky.


Let’s be honest – much of the appeal of gadgets is to do with their entertainment value, so why not get something that’s basically pure entertainment? Of course, adults, like kids, have short attention span, so you’ll want to make sure you invest in a gift that keeps on giving, rather than a short-term fad. Remote controlled toys, drones and other objects that take a while to master are great as presents. Drones in particular offer endless hours of fun and some can carry cameras so can help your gadget fan improve their photography skills. If these are out of your price range, you can always look at getting some accessories your gadget-loving friend or family member will be able to use with their chosen toy. You most likely won’t be surprised to find that there are plenty of these to choose from as well.

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