Instagram Tips for Cafés

If you’re running a café or restaurant, you have to be on Instagram. Yes. Everybody is searching for their favorite joints on Instagram and you don’t want to be left out. To maximize on what this platform has to offer though, you have to know your way around. These tidbits will help you get started.

Use Instagram Bots

See, for you to draw attention to your café on Instagram, you have to perform tasks like commenting and liking your follower’s posts. Plus you need to follow your potential clients and unfollow some people too. Now, that takes a lot of work. Even then, you have to do it if you’re serious about exposing your brand – and that’s where Instagram bots come in.

Other than liking and commenting automatically, bots also help trigger organic growth, further allowing you to make your presence felt on Instagram. All bots are not equal though; some will get you the results while others are outright scams. In fact, it is for this reason that SWSMag outlines the best Instagram bots on the market.

Be Creative With Your Profile

The Instagram profile for your café has to be search friendly. So, even before you create an account, start by choosing a name that’s close to your eatery as possible. If your first option is not available, you may consider adding your city. Also, don’t forget to add search-friendly keywords and appealing ads. Plus, connect your profile to your website.

Post Photos of Your Foods

People want to know what to expect when they visit your cafeteria. Luckily, Instagram is a place for visuals. So be sure to photos as many photos of what’s on the menu as you can. Whenever possible, place the foods close to a window or take them outdoors. That way, you can take advantage of the natural light to increase the appeal of your pictures. Even better, you can post photos of customers having a good time at your café.

The Bottom Line

Instagram offers a brilliant way to market your restaurant or café. Apart from the tips above, make it your number one priority to get many people to follow your brand. Just like any other social media platform, numbers are essential on Instagram. In other words, potential customers are likely to follow your café if it has a sizeable following already. Also, select a branded hashtag and use it in all your posts.

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