Sewing Machines And Their Stitching Designs!!

Sewing machines were introduced to mankind in the early 1800s and were used to increase perfection and decrease the time taken for stitching fabrics. It was a brilliant piece of invention as it made the stitching job very easy and comfortable. This gift to mankind has been cherished and regarded as one of the first boom in the fashion industry as since its invention, more and more clothes could be produced in less number of time.

Sewing machines come in different designs and the main agenda is how the stitching is going to take place and the types of needles, which are there to help you, stitch. Stitches include:-

  • Chain stitch– these were earlier used and have major drawbacks as the direction of the sewing cannot be changed from one end to other. Anyhow, this type of stitching got obsolete when the next type of stitching came into being.
  • Lock stitch– each thread remains at the same side of the material to be sewn and it is widely used in the households and the factories around the globe. As it is not mandatory to start stitching from any edge, lockstitches are very useful and preferred over other stitching patterns.
  • Zigzag stitch- it’s a back and forth stitches where there is no scope of a straight stitch. The movement of the sewing machine is controlled by something called as CAM, which can control the back and forth motion of the machine involved. This can be primarily used to stitch two edges of a singe fabric as required.
  • Over lock stitch- these are used to trim the edges of the fabric immediately in front of the stitch formation. This can be used when 1-4 threads or 1-2 needles are required for the completion of the sewing work.

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