The Use of Laser Markers in Medical Marking

In the medical industry, the markings that are made on various medical parts are very important. You need to have high contrast permanent marks on the medical devices as well as the instruments; this is why more and more manufacturers of medical instruments are looking for a way to make the medical marks more visible and permanent.

Medical markings might sound simple to you, but this isn’t the case. There are special requirements for these marks. They need to be visible and should be able to withstand the use of autoclaves and heat. They should also be permanent so that they can be tracked at all times.

The major issue with medical marking is that most of the tools and equipment that need to be marked have curved surfaces. Besides, the marks need to be clear and visible for the users to be able to identify them so that they don’t use the wrong part on a patient. The good thing is that all these challenges can be overcome through the use of laser marking.

Non-Contact Nature of Laser is Appealing

Laser marking uses medium to high-powered lasers to make permanent markers. Since the markers meant for medical equipment are sensitive, they can only be done using lasers. The use of laser marking makes for low impact surface marks that don’t spoil the surrounding area on the equipment.

Moreover, the non-contact properties of the laser make it perfect for use on curved surfaces. In addition, laser marks result in high contrast marks which result in clear and bold markings.

Need for Special Markings

The need to produce special markings which are permanent and visible is vital to the practice of medicine. The use of the laser is ideal for those items that need to pass the stringent rules that have been set for medical devices. With these, there is a greater need to use the right laser marking systems, and one of the top recommendations is the handheld laser marker from Needham Coding.

Apart from easier identification, these marks also make it possible for the parts to be traced.

In Conclusion

Medical markings have really helped the medical industry tremendously. Apart from the labels and marks that the laser marker makes on the devices and parts, the markings have made it possible for better surgical methods to be implemented. Laser marking is ideal because it is fast and precise even for small marks on these items.

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