What Is Bio-Compatible Dentistry? = What Does A Bio-Compatible Dentist Bay Ridge Do?

What is bio-compatible dentistry? Many people these days are unaware of what bio-compatible dentistry is, and they do not realize its significance. Basically, the form of dentistry in which a form of natural healing is practiced by a dentist Bay Ridge is known as bio-compatible dentistry.

Biocompatible dentistry does not merely focus on the dental problems of a patient. Instead, in bio-compatible dentistry, the dental problems of a patient are cured in a way that the overall health and well of the patient also improves as well. The concept of bio-compatible dentistry revolves around holistic medicine and holism.

The adverse impact that toxic materials tend to have on physiological health and dental health has been recognized. Concerns regarding the integrity of oral cavities and the procedures and materials used in dental practices lead to the advent of bio-compatible dentistry.

Most people are not aware that 50% mercury is contained in “silver” amalgam fillings. As much mercury as contained in a thermometer can also be found in a large filling. At room temperature, mercury can easily vaporize, and in this state it has no color, odor and taste. The bloodstream readily absorbs inhaled mercy vapor.

It has been concluded by the World Health Organization that in comparison to other mercury sources, a lot more mercury to an individual’s body is contributed by dental fillings. As most people will be aware, mercury is very poisonous. In comparison to arsenic, cadmium or lead, mercury is far more toxic. Exposure to just about any amount of mercy can prove to be harmful, and this is why bio-compatible dentistry is a better, healthier alternative.

In bio-compatible dentistry, blood and hair samples are collected during the first appointment, and those samples examined for traces of any harmful metals and other materials. A particular diet or form of treatment is then recommended by the bio-compatible dentist to remove those harmful substances from the body.

The fact that a pain-free and relaxing environment is used in bio-compatible dentistry is one of the biggest benefits offered by this form of dentistry. No mercury or any other substances that might cause harm to the natural health of the body are used in bio-compatible.

According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), it is always best if mercury fillings are removed as soon as possible. The body continues accumulating mercury vapor that dental fillings emit and over the years or decades they can have adverse effects on the natural health of the body. A bio-compatible dentist Bay Ridge will be perfectly qualified to remove amalgam fillings, and they will follow the protocols mentioned below.

An effective suction system is utilized in the oral cavity so that the mercury vapor and amalgam particles are contained. Maximum efficiency is maintained through the use of a vacuum system. Plentiful amounts of water are applied to the filling when removing the amalgam fillings.

What is Bio-Compatible Dentistry? For all those who are concerned about the adverse effects that amalgam fillings might have on their health, bio-compatible dentistry serves as a viable alternative.

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