Why do People Like Foot Massages so Much?

I don’t get it and I will probably never get it, the fact that people love foot massages so much, so for that reason, I dived into it a little more to see if I could find the answer as foot massages are offered literally everywhere. Especially here in Thailand and although I never tried it, as I feel no need for it, it does make me curious at least.

It Does Come with Certain Unexpected Benefits

Besides making it feel you relax, and some people even get horny from it, pardon my language, as there are certain erogenous zones in your feet, there are also some very specific health benefits to it that you really wouldn’t expect so let’s sum them up.

It improves blood circulation

Yep, same as with any other massage this also applies to your feet. Although you might walk a lot you don’t use most muscles in your feet at all so a massage can definitely help you relax those body parts.

It reduces stress and anxiety

Who would’ve thought about that? I didn’t, but there are studies performed that prove with hard evidence that it relieves people from stress in their lives and we all know that stress is the number one cause of anxiety.

It helps with headaches & migraines

Another thing you wouldn’t think of when talking about foot massages. The people that were in the test cycle stopped taking their medication for three months and 65% of the participants had fewer headaches and with some of them their complains completely disappeared, how about that?

It lowers your blood pressure

This list just keeps on surprising me with almost no end in sight, perhaps it’s not just the foot massage but any other massage would have accomplished the same thing, it’s a moment to let everything go and just relax, when stress gets removed out of your life your anxiety goes down and so does your blood pressure so it all hangs together.

Short on time or budget

Although it’s cheap in Thailand and widely available that isn’t the case everywhere. You might actually have to travel to the city to get a foot massage, with all the stress of that so we looked at some foot massage products as reviewed by Free Your Spine.

There are some very basic models that start at only a few dozen dollars where you are responsible for the massage yourself by simply moving your feet to way more advanced models that are priced at two hundred dollars and higher that give you a real massage, you can compare it to those massage chairs that provide the real deal.

With the more expensive models you literally put your feet in the device and then it clamps around you and does what it is made for, massage your feet so why not get one yourself?


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