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Who Is Alex Murdaugh? Return Back To Court To Fight For A New Murder Trial

Alex Murdaugh: In a Richland County, South Carolina, courtroom on Tuesday morning, Alex Murdaugh made an appearance to address his plea for a fresh murder trial. Attorneys for Murdaugh, who was found guilty of double murder last year after shooting his wife and son to death on their family hunting ranch in June 2021, are anticipated to contend that Colleton County Clerk Beck Hill manipulated the jurors’ verdicts.

Alex Murdaugh
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Alex Murdaugh Full Story

During the pre-hearing process, Murdaugh showed up alongside his attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Gryphon, dressed in an orange jumpsuit.

Judge Jean Toal of South Carolina stated that in order to obtain a new trial, Murdaugh’s defense must substantiate claims of bias. Prosecutor Creighton Waters of South Carolina contended that the 12 jurors who presided over the Murdaugh trial ought to be questioned in private. Harpootlian stated that he wanted all of them to speak about what they believed Hill may have told them.

The judge declared, “We will concentrate on the jurors who heard the case.” In their application for a new trial, Gryphon and Harpootlian claimed that Hill had directed jurors not to trust Murdaugh’s evidence, pushed for a “speedy guilty verdict,” and had lied to the trial judge in an attempt to exclude a panelist who supported the defense.

The document states, “Ms. Hill took these actions to get a book deal and media appearances for herself, which would not be possible in the case of a mistrial.” “Ms. Hill broke her office oath in order to pursue fame and wealth.”

Two investigations into Hill’s behaviour during Murdaugh’s murder trial have been launched by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. The first looks into claims that Hill used her job as a clerk to profit monetarily from sales of her book about the case, which she later acknowledged contained plagiarised writing. The second investigation focuses on accusations of jury tampering.

In a press release, co-author Neil Gordon of “Behind the Doors of Justice” stated that Hill used passages from a BBC piece in her work. Since then, book sales have stopped.

Hill is anticipated to testify Tuesday on behalf of the prosecution. Prosecutor Creighton Waters of South Carolina and retired Judge Clifton Newman, who supervised the Murdaugh case, are anticipated to appear for the defense.


What Is The Alex Murdaugh Story?

He murdered his wife and son.

What Mental Disorder Does Alex Murdaugh Have?

He is suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD).

Is Murdaugh A Sociopath?

No, he isn’t a sociopath.

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