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Hind Rajab Parents: Gaza girl, 6, Found Dead After Desperate Rescue Plea!

Hind Rajab Parents: After an Israeli attack in Gaza twelve days ago, the six-year-old girl’s body was discovered on Saturday. In the Tal al-Hawa area of Gaza City, Hind Rajab and five relatives were located. Reports state that they were in a vehicle that was struck by Israeli bombardment. Youssef Zaino and Ahmed Al-Madhoun, the two paramedics dispatched to save Hind, were also discovered dead, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). They had not been in communication with each other since the incident.

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Hind Rajab Parents
Image Source: France 24

Who Is Hind Rajab?

It further stated that Israeli soldiers intentionally attacked the ambulance, which was discovered only meters from the vehicle, even though they had coordinated with the Israeli army to ensure safe entry. The PRCS released photos of what was left of the ambulance.

In the midst of Israel’s deadly military assault on Gaza, which has claimed the lives of almost 28,000 Palestinians since October 7—the majority of them women and children—the PRCS has played a crucial role in saving the wounded. Israeli tanks and troops encircled the car that held the decaying remains.

The small Palestinian girl, now known as Little Hind, was allegedly riding in the car with her uncle, his wife, and their three kids. Her family had to leave their house when Israeli ground forces advanced into their neighbourhood, so they loaded her into the car. Her mother decided Hind would be better off travelling with her relatives in the car due to the inclement weather.

When Hind was calling emergency services to be rescued after all the other occupants of the car had perished, the PRCS recorded the sound of shooting at the automobile.

“Hind was still imprisoned inside a car when the [Israeli] occupation opened fire, killing every person inside. They said on Facebook that “Hind stayed for hours pleading with our crews to arrive so she could be evacuated from the area surrounded by Israeli tanks.”

Her account has raised awareness of Israel’s ongoing transgressions in Gaza, where whole families have been killed, with little indication that Tel Aviv is trying to reduce the number of civilian deaths.

The US and other Western allies of Israel have criticised the Israeli government for the staggering number of civilian casualties. According to Gaza’s health ministry, many people are still buried beneath the debris of buildings that Israel has destroyed, so the actual death toll may be greater.

Up to 25,000 children in Gaza remain without at least one parent as a result of Israel’s assault; many of them are severely traumatized and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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