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Kurtley Beale With Wife Maddi Arrive At The Downing As Wallabies Star Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault In Bondi Pub!

Kurtley Beale: After a torturous two-week trial, Wallabies star Kurtley Beale was found not guilty of the charges that he had sexually assaulted a woman in a Bondi bar’s restroom.

Kurtley Beale
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Kurtley Beale Found Not Guilty

Mr. Beale, 35, entered a not-guilty plea to two charges of sexual contact and sexual intercourse without consent, putting him in front of a jury trial in Sydney’s Downing Centre Court. The jury dismissed the woman’s allegations that, on December 17, 2022, Mr. Beale forced her into oral sex in the men’s restroom after touching her behind.

The 29-year-old lady allegedly gave her consent, was “in control” of the meeting, and concocted the accusations to win sympathy, according to Barrister Margaret Cunneen SC.

Subsequently, she stated, “This woman possesses exceptional acting skills.” Mr. Beale is being manipulated by her, and she is forcing words into his mouth. Mr. Beale is not a liar; he never lied. During her concluding remarks, Ms. Cunneen emphasized a crucial element of the case: a covertly recorded phone conversation in which Mr. Beale initially became aware of the charges.

The woman told Mr. Beale over the phone that she had not given her consent for the sexual conduct. He claimed the two “hooked up” at first, then acknowledged he had “f*g misjudged the situation.” Mr. Beale’s assessment of the circumstances that evening, before the call, was that the sexual conduct in the lavatory cubicle was “all consensual,” Ms. Cunneen said to the jury on Thursday.

He sincerely thought she had expressed and given her approval. “Mr. Beale says he must have misread it when I said something different during the call,” she claimed. She had earlier stated, “There’s a guilty conscience because his wife is aware of what is happening throughout the conversation. Of course, you’ll find guilt if that’s what you’re looking for.

“However, it’s not ideal and has nothing to do with having a guilty conscience about a serious criminal offense if the guilt stems from something done in marriage.” The lady had produced handwritten notes before the conversation, which the jury was also handed. In them, she stated that the goal was to “convince him he is guilty and not innocent.”

Ms Cunneen claimed in her speech that the accusation of groping was “blink and you miss it” and that the timing of the alleged second conduct in the lavatory cubicle was “absurd.” The lady angrily refuted Ms. Cunneen’s allegation that she made the statements to appease her fiance, with whom she had a heated disagreement, during her testimony.


Why Was Kurtley Beale In Custody?

He was detained due to sexual assault and harassment.

How Old Is Kurtley Beale?

He is 35 years old.

Who Is Kurtley Beale Married To?

He is married to Maddi Bloomberg.

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