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Unveiling Merrell 1TRL SS24 Collection, Delve Into Review & Everything We Know So Far!

Merrell 1TRL SS24 Collection: In the dynamic realm of footwear, Merrell 1TRL is set to make waves with its upcoming SS24 footwear collection. As the anticipation builds, a sneak peek into four forthcoming styles has been generously shared by, the outdoor-focused Instagram page and archive group known as a “collaborative encyclopedia.” These styles, a modern twist on Merrell classics like the Jungle Moc, Hydro Moc, and Moab Speed, promise a fusion of tradition and innovation that captures the essence of outdoor adventure.

Merrell 1TRL SS24 Collection
Image Source: Hypebeast

The Jungle Moc Evolution

Among the quartet of styles, the Jungle Moc stands out as a timeless classic reimagined for the modern explorer. Merrell 1TRL has seamlessly blended the iconic Jungle Moc outsole, midsole, and mudguard with a completely woven upper, collar, and tongue. This fresh take is reminiscent of Nike’s cult classic, the Air Woven, showcasing a harmonious marriage between heritage design and contemporary aesthetics. The woven elements introduce a new texture and style to the Jungle Moc, creating a compelling fusion that is sure to resonate with outdoor enthusiasts.

Hydro Moc Reinvented

The Hydro Moc, a staple in Merrell’s lineup, undergoes a transformative evolution in the SS24 collection. The duo of thick-soled styles showcases Merrell 1TRL’s commitment to versatility and functionality. One variant features a fully enclosed upper that maintains ample ventilation, while a clever faux heel strap pays homage to the original design. The other style takes a daring step into the mule-like territory, providing an open-back design for those who crave a unique and breezy outdoor experience. The Hydro Moc’s metamorphosis reflects Merrell’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts with innovative and stylish solutions.

Moab Speed with a Twist

The Moab Speed-inspired silhouette in the SS24 collection introduces ribcage-like midfoot overlays, adding a touch of structural intrigue to the design. Complemented by a sharply angled Vibram sole, this variation of the Moab Speed takes the iconic silhouette to new heights of both style and functionality. Merrell 1TRL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor footwear is evident in the bold design choices, providing adventurers with a footwear option that merges performance and aesthetics seamlessly.

Awaiting Details: Pricing, Silhouette Names, and Release Dates

Merrell 1TRL SS24
Image Source: Fucking Young

While the excitement surrounding the Merrell 1TRL SS24 collection builds, crucial details such as pricing, official silhouette names, and release dates remain shrouded in mystery. The enigmatic allure only adds to the anticipation, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the official unveiling. As the collection is poised to make its debut in the coming weeks, the outdoor community is on high alert for any updates, ensuring they don’t miss the opportunity to secure these innovative and stylish pieces of outdoor footwear.

The sneak peek into Merrell 1TRL’s SS24 collection was made possible by, an Instagram page and archive group that prides itself on being a “collaborative encyclopedia.” This online community plays a crucial role in connecting outdoor enthusiasts, archiving iconic designs, and providing exclusive glimpses into upcoming releases.’s dedication to fostering a sense of collaboration and knowledge-sharing highlights the integral role of social media in the contemporary world of outdoor fashion.

The Intersection of Fashion and Functionality

Merrell 1TRL’s SS24 collection exemplifies the ever-evolving intersection of fashion and functionality in outdoor footwear. The fusion of classic silhouettes with modern elements speaks to the brand’s commitment to honoring heritage while embracing innovation. This delicate balance ensures that Merrell’s offerings not only meet the demands of outdoor activities but also make a bold fashion statement, appealing to a diverse audience of adventure seekers and style-conscious individuals.

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