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Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey were spotted at the Super Bowl together

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey: Online, Taylor Swift received harsh criticism after it was seen that the pop singer was reaching down to Lana Del Rey in her ostentatious Super Bowl suit. Many thought the singer had not extended an invitation to her close friend. Following the drama surrounding their recent Grammy Awards engagement, many turned to social media to criticize Taylor for not seeming to have invited the singer into her luxury suite at first, as photos of the couple reaching out to one another from different parts went viral.

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey
Image Source: InStyle

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey Spotted Together

The singer was spotted dining with her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s family in Taylor’s private room, along with her closest friends Ice Spice, Blake Lively, Ashley Avignone, Aric Jones, Miles Teller, and Keleigh Sperry. The singer received a lot of backlash on social media after she invited Lana to her room and they were all subsequently photographed cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs together.

“Now why didn’t Taylor bring Lana into her suite????” said a social media user. When she’s not in her suite, drag her onto the Grammy stage.”One person went on, “Taylor was unable to get Lana inside the suite. Before the apparent U-turn, I thought of them as best friends.

Fans are particularly worried about the bond between the two because Taylor just received a lot of hate mail on social media following the Grammy Awards. Following the ceremony, several fans took issue with Taylor for allegedly “dragging” Lana onto the platform as she won the Album of the Year award, clearly uncomfortable.

The Grammy Awards were announced, and Taylor won for her album Midnights, while Lana was also nominated for her smash album A&W. This exchange created controversy. During her victory speech, Taylor specifically mentioned Lana as she collected the trophy.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that Lana co-wrote the smash song “Snow on the Beach” with Taylor, which appears on the Midnights album. Lana moved to social media to clarify the situation and state that she was not upset by the gesture in the wake of the criticism Taylor received for their contact.

Lana stated on Instagram, “I literally just loved being there.” I enjoy getting tea, hanging out, and seeing everyone. Put on some clothes. I swear, during the whole award presentation, I had not a single bad feeling. It was utterly hilarious and heartwarming.

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