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Can You Guess Who Owns Sports Illustrated? Layoff Reports Sparks Outrage All Over!

Sports Illustrated: First published in 1954, SI was owned by Time Inc. until 2018, when the publishing behemoth Meredith purchased it. After that, Meredith paid $110 million to Authentic for SI.

Sports Illustrated
Image Source: The New York Times

Sports Illustrated Layoffs

Renowned for its outstanding sports writing, Sports Illustrated was home to several well-known authors, including Frank Deford, Dan Jenkins, Peter Gammons, Sally Jenkins, Leigh Montville, and Jim Murray.

Its famous covers, which included Michael Jordan fifty times, immortalized the greatest sporting occurrences, including the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” and the 2002 designation of LeBron James as “The Chosen One.”

In a post on X, Rachel Nichols said, “Very sad for my Sports Illustrated friends today, and for all of us who loved everything it used to be.”

“Sports Illustrated, RIP,” one person said. “Taking the sports cards out of Sports Illustrated Magazine and collecting them,” commented another commenter.

“What’s your favorite Sports Illustrated cover?” a netizen inquired. while agitating the sentimental machine. “Sincerely missed, SI I never imagined that day would come. It turns out that Sports Illustrated is firing every single employee, effective immediately. It’s over, Sports Illustrated,” someone wrote.

Who Owns Sports Illustrated

Times Now News reports that the prestigious magazine was purchased by Authentic Brands Group in 2018 for a sum of $110 million. The Arena Group was in charge of the publication, although they did not own the material.

The Sports Illustrated Union reports that several Guild members will receive 90 days’ notice before being let go. There will be an instant layoff of other staff. Front Office Sports claims that an email regarding the layoffs was issued to the SI staff, and it said as follows:

At the time this piece was written, it was unknown how many workers had been let go right away.


Who Are The New Owners Of Sports Illustrated?

Sports Illustrated is now owned by Authentic Brands.

How Much Does Sports Illustrated Cost?

It is $8.99 a copy.

Is Sports Illustrated A Newspaper?

No, it is an American magazine.

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